About Devi Foundation

Devi Social and Educational Foundation was initiated by Vishal Krishna Reddy. Going by his stage name, Vishal is a popular Indian film actor well known for his interest in voicing out his opinion on social matters. The foundation was established on August 2015, under Vishal's mother's name. Our objective is to promote literacy and higher learning rate in the country, especially among young underprivileged girls. Within a month, 16 girl students have already been given educational help in arts, engineering and medical colleges. Apart from this, our focus also lays on giving medical assistance and relief to those who are poor and have become mentally and physically challenged through accidents or other calamities. To establish and/ or construct, run and aid institutions, medical relief centers for this purpose.

We have extended our support and involvement in other charitable programmes like funding monthly medicines for an old age home in Nanmangalam, and donating necessary school items for students hailing from underprivileged sections of society.

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Our Mission

With the Belief that "True education is not for mere living but for a meaningful life",

Our mission is to change the lives of people in India with education, by providing financial assistance and recognition to them, with our motto being "Knowledge is the ultimate goal".

Our vision is based on a high level of responsibility by providing quality education for a healthy society, emphasising on team work by helping us grow together and aiding the foundation by being a part and contributing whatever is possible on your end.

To help in terms of education, medical supplies or school supplies, we welcome and appreciate your step to a promising society.


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Join with us and Volunteer for any Social need and service.